These funny jokes are great for your work chats. 15+ funny memes

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Scrolling through memes may be  perceived by others to be a childish pastime, but we are of the view that  frivolity has  never been a felony. Memes is really  an insanely simple (and cheap) way to  pepper your monotonous life with a  little joy. And we’ve got  here for you.

1- Wow Jimmy! How did you get so good in debating?

2- You may be old, but are you this old?

3- When someone uses km per hour instead of eagles per burger

4- Just one more video

5- Everyone is laughing

6- …but you have to convince your friends to download it

7- Wolfgang gang

8- Art

9- Why not use this as well when it’s raining

10- Simple and usefull

11- You are a good man. Thank you

12- No, no. He’s got a point

13- Chickenless bones

14- Ancient Greeks were rubbish at loading the dishwasher

15- When your custom character is in a cut scene

16- I gained 100 pounds yesterday…

17- When you ignore the main quest for a mini game

18- Garlic bread. Yummy

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