The Funniest Memes That Make Your day

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Scrolling through memes may be  perceived by others to be a childish pastime, but we are of the view that  frivolity has  never been a felony. Memes is really  an insanely simple (and cheap) way to  pepper your monotonous life with a  little joy. And we’ve got  here for you.

If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably in the mood for a few memes. We are pleased to share another generous aid of grace with you, for nothing gives us more joy than to spread laughter and positive vibes in these tough times. Get in the meme zone and scroll away!

1- Song with nice and upbeat music

2- Me at age 29

3- You wake up on the 1st of January 2021

4- Learning history to understand history memes

5- by McDonalds even if dad said okay

6- A million dollars

7- What level are you on in Candy Crush

8- Netflix adaptation

9- Best i can do is not sad

10- How did we get here?

11- People that turn on the shower while they’re standing in it

12- You have a lot to learn about this town

13- if uncomfortable was a pictere

14- The rest of the saga

15- My brother who got a ps5

16- I have some bad news…

17- We have to help…

18- Ctrl+ c c c c c c c

19- kids in the back

20- the bowl is completely empty

21- Kitchen and Bathroom

22- 2020 hasn’t been the worst year in history.

23- When you open the oven to check your food


25- Go do the dishes

26- “Sorry”

27- Ok cool

28- When you have to finish the test…


30- There are no accidents

What do you think?

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