The Best Animal Pictures To Brighten Your Day

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All living beings are on Earth for a reason, from the smallest insects to the largest mammals—and all their ecosystems are related. To sustain their life, we must protect biodiversity: it is our responsibility to unite and uphold animal rights to celebrate the wonder of our natural environment.

Free-to-use smartphone app Agora has invited foreign photographers to take part in the #Animals2020 photo contest with their best shots of living creatures around the world.

Agora launched the #Animals2020 photo contest on August 28. Photographers had until 11 September to participate and share their best pictures of all kinds of living beings for the chance to be included in the Top 50 finalists and to take them to the voting process. As a result, 13,888 pictures of all kinds of animals were submitted to the competition, demonstrating the large and precious range of animal life that surrounds us.

“Photography is a powerful tool for creating sympathy and a deeper understanding of the world around us. Only one species living on Earth can choose what the future would look like and that species is us,” said Octavi Royo, CEO and co-founder of Agora.

Congratulations to the Indonesian photographer @jjnmatt, whose photo ‘Iguana’ received the most votes on the Agora app, making him the #Animals2020 Hero and awarding him the top prize of $1,000.

1- Iguana

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

@jjnmatt (Indonesia)

2- Mother Love

Location: Australia
@olmospatricia (Spain)

3- Baby Monkey

Location: Kedoya Utara, Indonesia
@prabuds (Indonesia)

4- Encounter at our camping ground

Location: Kamchatka, Russia
@hi.jewi (Germany)

“We spent a few days visiting the Tolbachik volcano during our expedition to Kamchatka. Unexpectedly, after dinner, this fox appeared in our camp. It was so curious, so peaceful and sweet. It showed up, watched us and went away to play the ashes. It was such a shocking, unexpected and thrilling moment that really hit my heart. I want to show the beauty of Mother Nature with this beautiful patter.

5- Focused

Location: Germany
@leo.wies (Germany)

“I always go to the local wilderness park to practice wildlife photography. It’s difficult to discover a lynx in the wild in my area. Therefore, I was very pleased to have the opportunity to see this magnificent and beautiful animal in the park. I was fascinated by the keen eyes of the lynx. On this day there was snow and it was very cold, the park was almost empty. The spectator should have the feeling of getting direct eye contact with this exquisite creature. At this point in my story, I want to give credit to all the true wildlife photographers out there. I have a great deal of appreciation for the time and expertise they spend in their work and passion. I think these parks are a nice opportunity to practice shooting, but you should always note that the pictures were taken in the park and not in the wild. Otherwise it gives a wrong impression of the work, commitment, time and enthusiasm that goes into photographing wild animals in their wild habitat.”

6- Mad

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
@pitokung (Indonesia)

“Here’s a magnificent Sumatra Tiger roaming in the morning sunshine. Sometimes you just need to be patient and wait for the right moment.”

7- The Shades of Blue

Location: Gili Meno, Indonesia
@makyandmatt (Czech Republic)

“I wanted to capture my passion and love for the ocean, the beauty of the underwater world and the importance of protecting our oceans. We went to Gili Meno only with our camera gear, but we had to rent a snorkeling gear. Our feet were full of blisters and bleeding, we were battling a powerful current, but we just couldn’t resist the beauty of the ocean.

8- Madoda King

Location: Gondwana Game Reserve, South Africa
@frenchcliche (South Africa)

9- Caballos

Location: Asturias, Spain
@mariafcabaleiro (Spain)

“We found these horses on a family road trip with my family along the Asturian coast. With my picture, I wanted to express a sense of security and affection.”

10- Young Panda

Location: Breeding Panda Center, Chengdu, China
@polatina (Poland)

“It was a rainy day without a lot of pandas roaming around. What could I do, hard to compel a wild animal to turn up or pose! I was already happy to visit this place and help those beautiful animals. Unexpectedly, the young panda came out of the forest. It was the best moment I remember, and I was glad I could catch it in my camera.”

11- Lioness Pride

Location: Etosha, Namibia
@freeilli (Italy)

“The focus of this series of images is the greatest lion pride I’ve seen during my trips to Africa, perhaps 30 members between cubs, lionesses, and 2 males. Doing a safari takes a lot of patience and also a little bit of luck. You would think it’s really easy to spot animals, but it’s not. It was really a film scene, and my heart melted when I saw the lionesses walking towards us, aligning me.

12- Newborn Labradoodle Puppy

Location: Dublin, Ireland
@Silvija_Collins (Ireland)

“Our family dog (Australian Labradoodle) had a litter of puppies 2 days before the photo was taken. We have 2 young children (2 and 4 at the time) who were so excited and enthusiastically waiting for the puppies to take place. They looked after her during her pregnancy, sang her songs, and told the dog that everything was going to be ok. When the puppies arrived, the joy was great to watch, but it was incredible to see.

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