People Invested And Created A Totally Awesome Home Movie Theater

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There’s nothing better in this rough, messy universe than offering  yourself a movie night. If it’s binge watching your favourite  sit-com, or seeing a new movie everyone’s buzzing about, nobody can  take the magic away from it. Your nice old couch is definitely a huge part of this, and out of respect, we should call our beloved “domestic film theaters” the sad, shabby sofas out there.

In reality, though, we would do everything we could to own the built-in movie theater with the proper projector, the dim lighting, the scent of popcorn, and the cinematic decor.

So lie down, rest and enjoy the popcorn. No movies will be seen at this session, but who needs them if you have your own picture palace? Is that going to make you a king? Oh , yeah, kinda.



Only looking at these impressive home theaters, one can suspect that there’s a true cinephile home owner behind it. For eg, this awesome Batcave movie theater (pictured above) was designed for a reclusive client in Greenwich , Connecticut.

The corporation behind the development is “Elite HTS,” an globally known maker of ultra-luxury home theater seats. According to the company’s website, this Batcave Home Theater is their most famous idea, drawing mainstream exposure to a multitude of blogs and pins. It’s going to put the owner back $2 million.


The theater is fitted with six Batsuit replicas of life and complete protective power. Elite HTS CEO Bobby Bala clarified that this is also mainly a design philosophy that the team made free of charge for their former clients.


“While we would certainly love to finally be part of creating a batcave home theater like this one day, it will remain our dream until we find a reclusive billionaire with a deep-seated fear of blind, flying mammals to make it a possibility.”


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