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People are Adding Deceptive Titles to These Images, Totally Altering What Your Brain Sees, and Here They are The Best.

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The Internet is an immense place where any oddly unique item finds its home. There’s no mystery out there. Like this is deceptive thumbnails. Oh, yeah you got it correctly. Misleading thumbnails that you frequently see on social media are something for this Reddit group that goes by exactly the same title: Misleading thumbnails.

489k members of this online community share weird, funny, and cool images that aren’t necessarily what you think they are. The reasoning is simple: some Reddit thumbnails give rise to a peculiar optical illusion due to their small size and make you go: “Hmm… let’s see.”

According to the group’s definition, “when you open the images to the full size, you’re in for a surprise.” So today, we selected some of the most misleading images that would make you scratch your head before you realized that you were bamboozled.

1- Crowd in a concert

2- View of the Jupiter

3- Giraffes Love the Sunset of Serengeti

4- Delicious Sushi

5- Unfortunate Break In Couch of Leather

6- A bunch of Bananas

7- Surfer Trips Never Double Tube Wave

8- Amazing view of the Amazon River

9- The New Eyeglasses Were Fuzzy

10- Spaghetti and some avacado

11- Ducks Swimming On The Lake

12- Huge iceberg underwater

13- Guy with a curly hair about to dive in the sea

14- Frame From The Matrix (1999) Where the mouse cursor was mistakenly left inside.

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