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Scrolling through memes may be  perceived by others to be a childish pastime, but we are of the view that  frivolity has  never been a felony. Memes is really  an insanely simple (and cheap) way to  pepper your monotonous life with a  little joy. And we’ve got  here for you.

If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably in the mood for a few memes. We are pleased to share another generous aid of grace with you, for nothing gives us more joy than to spread laughter and positive vibes in these tough times. Get in the meme zone and scroll away!

1- Watching your cousin play with your old toys

2- When your mom says you have the heart of a lion

3- I was a business doge

4- Nevada being the most iconic state for the last few days

5- DO IT!

6- You are a good pirate

7- What smells like blue?

8- Me on my way to destroy some stuff


10- I’m still waiting

11- Our karma

12- My blanket at 3am

13- Shirts made from plastic bottles

14- Dora the Destroyer


16- Bold | Italic

17- How do I know it’s real?

18- Reading subtitles and watching fight scenes at the same time

19- He can’t hurt you

20- You read my t-shirt

21- Where am I?

22- *declines*

23- Redditors on every October 1 at 00.01

24- Who are you…

25- Yeeti

26- *card declines*

27- You either die a hero, or…

28- I’m a gamer

29- Zoom ceo after he created Covid-19

30- Starts drowning in chocolate river

31- No need to thank me

32- That 1 guy on discord

33- When your crush friendzones you…

34- *Will have 4k graphics*

35- What I saw

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