I Colored Celebrities From The Golden Age Of Hollywood Using AI And It Takes A Few Seconds

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Nowadays, photographers use black and white photography to express emotion by playing with colors, contrasts, and shadows, but it wasn’t always an option. Color photography gives life to images and shows every little vivid detail that makes a compelling picture. Past photographers could only portray the world in which they existed in black and gray. Have you ever wondered what the photographers saw in that particular moment? I’ve got.

Digital artists spend hours attempting to recreate old black-and-white images in realistic colors with spectacular results—just check out the amazing work that Marina Amaral, Andrea Erali, or Olga Shirinina had done before. It is an intricate and time-consuming work that involves not only a great deal of editing skills, but also a great deal of expertise and analysis into the historical context to color the picture as precisely as possible.

I wondered if this scrupulous work, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, could be achieved both by technology and by humans. Well only time can tell, but the future seems to be closer. I’ve found this image colorization API called DeepAI that lets you color black and white images and videos in just a few seconds.

I’ve been checking the program with these famous B&W pictures of Hollywood Golden Age celebrities. The outcome is far from perfect and in most instances, needs to be at least tackled in Photoshop or other programs, but I was shocked how much a deep learning model can achieve!

1- Ingrid Bergman

2- Lucille Ball

I love the arts and the entertainment. I’ve been drawing pencil portraits since I was a child, and later, I discovered digital art and started participating in many Photoshop contests. But I can’t wait to see what technology can offer—why that’s I’m experimenting and trying out what’s new in the industry. I recently played with AI to see what the children of the famous ex-couples will look like.

3-  James Dean

4- Marlene Dietrich

5- Sophia Loren

6- Elvis Presley

7- Marilyn Monroe

8- Ava Gardner

9- Charlie Chaplin And Virginia Cherrill

10- Frank Sinatra

11- Marlon Brando

12- Rita Hayworth

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