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Good Memories for a Good Time

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Scrolling through memes may be  perceived by others to be a childish pastime, but we are of the view that  frivolity has  never been a felony. Memes is really  an insanely simple (and cheap) way to  pepper your monotonous life with a  little joy. And we’ve got  here for you.

If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably in the mood for a few memes. We are pleased to share another generous aid of grace with you, for nothing gives us more joy than to spread laughter and positive vibes in these tough times. Get in the meme zone and scroll away!

1- Listens to 201 genres this year according to Spotify

2- Also Black Cat

3- This painting was done by artist Wlater Molino in 1962…

4- Wana play a game?

5- Youtube 1 hour later

6- One follower in a dark alley

7- Me after loading CYBERPUNK 2077 on my laptop

8- In alternate universe

9- 14 year old dolphins

10- Me, who accidently clipped through the floor

11- When you say ‘have a good day’ to a customer…

12- A bunch of toxic 8 year olds

13- Original looks weird

14- To be or not to be

15- Wanting to play Cyberpunk 2077

16- Beccause that’s, what heroes do

17- “oh my god, Kevin is so hot!”

18- My Youtube recommendations

19- What was that, punk?

20- November me vs December me

21- “Keep the change”

22- I’m going to tell my kids this is where I spent most of my childhood

23- Me trying to fill a bucket faster

24- It’s Beautiful

25- You are COVID

26- Your parents gonna be home in 10 minutes, what do you do?

27- I can hear your nightmares

28- Me at the same age with no money and no girlfriend

29- How I cut my nails

30- People who eat cereal with water

31- Heavy Metal fans

32- Eating bugs vs Eating wet bugs

33- When you are having a good time…

34- Santa Clause ain’t real

What do you think?

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