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Before and After Photos of Dog Breeds Showing How They’ve Evolved Over 100 Years

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Dogs have been with humans for over 30,000 years now and have won the reputation of the best companions of humans. But since they were domesticated, the population has undergone dramatic changes due to selective breeding. If the changes were physical or emotional, people bred dogs for their own benefit, often causing some significant health issues for the animals.

It was only in the twentieth century, however, that the process became more complex as new techniques of selective breeding were discovered. As a result, the way common dog breeds look today could vary significantly from the way they did a century ago. So, we made you a short list of how famous dog breeds looked 100 years ago vs how they look today. Scroll down to see the entire list!

1- Basset Hound

The hind legs of the basset hound were shorter, while the ears were much larger. Their face was thinner, too, and the skin now has more folds than it had before.

2- Bull Terrier

The face of the bull terrier became shorter, while the jaws and the bridge of the nose became larger. The form of the body became more muscular and the legs shorter.

3- Dachshund

Nowadays, the sausage dogs have a longer face and body. Often, the chest is slightly broader and the hind leggies are shorter.

4- Newfoundland

Though they seem somewhat similar, Newfoundlands were actually much smaller than they are today. “Dogs of all nations” writes that the breed weighed about 100 pounds back in 1915, while Newfoundland males will weigh up to 150 pounds today.

5- Chow Chow

These lovely fluff balls weighed around 50 pounds a century ago. They weigh up to 75 pounds today. In addition, the faces of Chow Chows became more wrinkly.

6- Great Dane

These long-legged dogs weighed less than they do today. According to “Dogs of All Nations,” they used to weigh about 120 pounds, while today the males will weigh up to 175 pounds.

7- Dobermann

Dobermann ‘s body form has become more compact, while the ears still look subtly different. Also, they’re not as aggressive as they were a century ago.

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