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A puppy with green fur was born in Italy, and he was called Pistachio by the family.

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Nature appears to still choose the most unexpected way to surprise us. One of Mother Nature’s surprises of this sort recently fell into the hands of this particular Italian farmer called Cristian Mallocci.

Apparently, Cristian’s doggy Spelacchia gave birth to five puppies, and one of them had a green hair. Yeah, you’ve read this right.

This uniquely colored pupper was bred on a farm on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia.

This tiny cutie was quickly called Pistachio, representing his unusual coat. All four of Pistachio ‘s siblings had white hair, the same color as their mum, who was a mixed-breed dog.

Turns out, while Pistachio’s brothers and sisters are being given away to new families, the owner is intending to keep this green fluffy boy on his farm and teach him to take care of the sheep along with his mum.

Immediately the doggy was called Pistachio

Needless to mention, it’s pretty rare for a dog to be born with a green fur. There are two natural ways to make this possible. It is suspected to arise when a doggy with light-colored hair is tainted by a “meconium” in the womb of the mother — the first poop produced by the newborn animal. Green colour can also be caused by a green dye in the mother’s womb called biliverdin.

Unfortunately, this green hue is not going to last long. The owner told Reuters that it’s beginning to disappear and will begin to fade until it’s absolutely gone.

The hue won’t last long, and it’s already beginning to disappear.

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