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People are brushing their cats with toothbrushes because they “remind them of their moms” and their responses are too sweet.

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Yeah, you’ve read that correctly. Apparently, brushing the  adult kitty cat with a wet toothbrush mimics their mum’s  feeling of being groomed as a kitten, and these cats love it  from  the looks of it!

That perfect, pure pleasure. 🥺

As much as I love seeing a cat being brushed as the next  human, how effective is this process, really? Can this  actually imitate cats being groomed by their mothers?! 

I wanted to call in some experts to find out. Associate vet  training in Arlington , Texas, said it was certainly a chance!


He put his head down at the end.. i think it made Milo miss his mom🥺 #foryou #react #catsoftiktok #cats #viral

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He added, “While I can’t really place myself in a cat ‘s mind  (what a world it will be), I can imagine that this would  remind them of being groomed by their mother at an early  age. 

Mother would generally groom her kittens, particularly  around her head  and neck, before they’re old enough to groom themselves.

So, as the owner takes on the task of grooming their pet, it  might definitely reinforce the fact that they are a mother-like being, or at least a friend.

“While not quite the same, most of the toothbrushes have  nylon bristles that may feel very close to the keratin spikes  (papillae) that offer cat tongues  that feel sandpaper. 

These hundreds of short, backward-looking spikes are generally thought to assist with grooming and other  activities.”

Veterinarian who shared skepticism that this will possibly  bring back the good old days of being groomed as a cat.  “We can’t speak to cats, because we  can’t really know if it really brings back the memory of  being groomed.

” However, he also said that even though it doesn’t wake up any nostalgic memories, “It’s physical stimulus, and it brings joy to the animal. It’s social conduct. Much like we love massages, cats love grooming!

Luckily, using a toothbrush won’t cause any harm to your precious kitty. “There are certainly more effective ways to groom your cat, but if you want to give this a shot and see if your cat can be brushed into a deep state of relaxation, it’s worth the loss of your favorite toothbrush.”

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